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Light & Colour

This series was all about light and colour.  With strong oranges, blues and greens juxtaposing each other in both paint and stones. The fluidity of Betsy’s paintings and the strong contrasts between round and angular shapes of Lucy’s Flurry Collection allow light to bounce off or pass through or over each form. The colours dance in Betsy’s paintings as do the jewellery pieces when worn, making them playful and uplifting.

Betsy McCarthy

Currently enrolled at Camberwell College, 19 year old Betsy McCarthy, from Wales is all about Fine Art. She has produced three major series; Wye ValleyWaves and The Garden.  ‘I only paint what’s important to me and what I experience and see.’ It is therefore not surprising that all her subject matter is from her home and home town. She works predominantly in acrylic; it helps her to achieve the feeling of movement and abstraction, also in oil pastel, where she can be slightly more refined. In her Waves series she will often add other material such as paper for flatness of colour which contrasts not only in tone but also in texture. She likes to ‘move the paint so the colours interact losing the defined image of the subject but not its essence.’ Working on smaller scales makes the work intense and keeps the richness. However, her Waves series, which is on a larger scale break out and beyond the confines of the frame and have powerful impact. These pieces are truly exciting and least to say expressive by an artist of tender age.

The Dean of Camberwell has several of her other works already in his private collection.
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Daffodils II
    Daffodils II
  • Waterfall
  • Daffodils
  • Orange Berries
    Orange Berries
  • Iris
  • Waterfall II
    Waterfall II
  • Roses II
    Roses II
  • Blossoms
  • Tulips Leaves
    Tulip Leaves
  • Tulips II
    Tulips II
  • Wye Valley Study
    Wye Valley Study
  • Wye Valley I
    Wye Valley I
  • Wye Valley II
    Wye Valley II

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